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Easy steps to new life
Cialis will give you an opportunity to start new full life without worrying about your sexual abilities. All you need is to consult with the doctor and take medicine as it is prescribed.
Tell your healthcare provider about all problems with health you have, might have or ever had.
It will be important for him to know if you have such diseases as:
  • Vision complications;
  • Liver or kidney diseases;
  • Problems with heart and pressure;
  • Anemia or leukemia;
  • Angina;
  • Heart attacks;
  • Speeded up heart beating.
Some of these diseases will make taking of Cialis impossible. In some case they need treatment and the medicines needed for it can interact with Cialis and it can harm your body. Also taking of Cialis can aggravate these illnesses and you feel worse.
One more important question you should talk with the expert about is your heart. Your doctor will make some tests to know if your heart is healthy enough to have sexual contacts. Donít take this medicine if doctor didnít prescript it to you, it is dangerous and you risk your health.
If doctor prescribed it to you, before start taking it read the following advice. Donít break or share the pill take it whole with a glass of water. If you take Cialis to have erection, take it hour or half an hour before the sexual contact itself. Donít take more than one pill a day, wait 24 hour between doses.
If your doctor prescript you to drink Cialis every day and you forgot to take it, try to drink it as soon as it is possible, but if it is time to drink another portion of pill donít drink double dose just forget about it.
The last, but not the least thing you should remember while taking Cialis is that it is better not to drink alcohol or drink it in small quantities, to reduce the risk of side effects.

Cialis dark side

Al the prescript medicines have side effects and before prescribing you some pills your doctor should warn you about possible consequences. Cialis is not an exception.
There is a range of side effects, but the majority of them are almost unnoticeable and not serious.
Among them we can mention: light headaches, sore throat, high temperature, stomachache; diarrhea; problems with memory and vision; red face and neck. You shouldnít worry if you notice some of these symptoms.
But also there is a range of symptoms which are much severe. Long and constant erection which you canít stop; problems with vision and hearing; convulsions; painful erection; fainting; fast heartbeat; weakness Ė all these symptoms are rather serious.
In this case you should ask for medical help and consult your doctor if you need to continue taking of Cialis.

Return your menís strength

Cialis is a medicine which is similar to Viagra by its action but it gives you more freedom in your actions and in taking and less side effects. This medicine was created to cure erectile dysfunction and symptoms of prostate gland enlarging. Cialis gives you immediate and lasting result, and also there is an opportunity to choose whether you want to take it every day or once in 36 hours.
Buy Cialis Online